[Advaita-l] manyu sUkta - as per dvaita siddhAnta

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Mar 5 09:22:26 CST 2015

Namaste Krishnamoorthy Ji,


Manyu generally means anger


As per sAyaNa, manyu is "krOdhAbhimAni dEvata" ie., who presides over the chitta-vritti 
called "krOdha".  

Even yAska too says that "manyurmanyatErdIptikarmaNaH krOdhakarmaNO vadhakarmaNO vA".

So, my heart is always with sAyaNa and yAska, as i am an advaitin.  However, I enjoy reading
various commentaries to enrich my knowledge which helps me further to delve deep into the
upAsana.  What amazes me is that a single mantra from shruti can be explained in so many
shades which is a food for thought for a person who is thirsty for knowledge.


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