[Advaita-l] Difficulty with Akhandakara Vrtti - or more with the word itself.

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Anandaji - PraNAms

Thanks and I am familiar with the above slokas as I took the Atmabodha text available on line too. Here the jnaana vRitti that is required to remove the ajnaana vRitti. That is what Vedanta sharavana, manana and nidhidhyaasana involved where Shastra pramaana operates. The vRttis here are not akhandam. VRitti vyaapti is there. When akhanda akaara - is niraakara.. 

In tula avidya we have phala vyaapti but for muula avidya there is phalavyaapti. The constant unbroken awareness of I am - which Bhagavan Ramana puts is clearly in his Upadesha saara. This is exactly what I mentioned as it is simple and straight forwards since it is aproxa jnaanam. 

ahami nashabhaaji aham aham tayaa
Spurati hRit swayam parama purna sat}

When the little ego is destroyed, I am, I am, I am (essentially unbroken awareness of I am) raises in the mind and this I am in contrast to the previous egotistical i am is paramam, puurnam and sat swaruupam (where the akhandam aspect is involved).

Thanks for taking time to explain. Appreciated it. Saw your post related to Vedanta saara of Swami Sadananda. 

Hari Om!

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 Subject: [Advaita-l] Difficulty with Akhandakara Vrtti - or more with the	word itself.
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 Dear Shri Sadanandaji,
 You wrote:
 The word which neither scriptures used or Shankara used but
 latter Advaita
 Acharyas had to use it to counter arguments of the
 daarshanikas purvapakshaas.
 Although the word akhaNDAkAra vRtti is not used, yet the
 *concept* is used
 in the works of Shankara. For example, we find in the
 Atmabodha, verse 5:
 ajnAnakaluShaM jIvaM jnAnAbhyAsAdvinirmalam|
 kRtvA jnAnaM svayaM nashyejjalaM katakareNuvat||
 Here Shankara has used the analogy of the kataka nut powder,
 which clears
 the water of impurities and itself settles down, leaving the
 water clear.
 (Brahma)jnAna too destroys ignorance and itself too, leaving
 Brahman alone.
 It is likely the later AchAryas coined the word akhaNDAkAra
 vRtti to refer
 to the culmination of the process of jnAnAbhyAsa, as stated
 by Shankara.
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