[Advaita-l] Difficulty with Akhandakara Vrtti - or more with the word itself.

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Dear AchArya:

I feel just gratitude for your clearing-words.

PraNAms to All.
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 The fact is very simple, direct and self-evident (that is
 why it is called no phala vyaapti). It is the very subject
 Knower who is currently confused by taking anaatam as the
 self or aatma. For him, teaching is required to recognize or
 reclaim his true nature- End of the Story. 
  It is further complicated first, by the sophisticated word
 - Akhandaakaara vRitti - second sanskrit derivations and
 commentaries, and further commentaries - As I understand:
 The word which neither scriptures used or  Shankara
 used but latter Advaita Acharyas had to use it to counter
 arguments of the non-advaitic daarshanikas
 Currently I take myself what I am not as myself, therefore
 suffer.  I have to drop that misunderstanding . That
 can be dropped by correct and clear understanding that
 involves I am pure sat chit ananda but expressing myself
 with the traid - jiiva-jagat-Iswara - in essence  I am
 infinite or aham brahma asmi and everything else or anaatma
 is just appear to be there for only transactions and not
 there from absolute point - For this I need the Vedantic
 teaching which says the world is nothing but naama and ruupa
 with the substantive - the self that I am. This
 understanding has to occur for the mind that is confused
 currently. Hence it can only happen in the waking state
 since inquiry is required using a pramaana by the mind that
 is confused. 
 Krishna puts this in simple direct teaching as -
 sarvabhutastam aatmaanam sarva bhuutanicha aatmani or from
 Bhakti point - yo maam pasyati sarvatra and sarvanca mayi
 pasyati. One who sees himself in everything and everything
 in himself - or one who see Me in everything and everything
 in Me - That seeing or recognition as FACT and not just as
 THOUGHT is self-realization and that factual knowledge
 remains in the mind all the time (provides all the lingering
 vaasanas that contribute to confusion have been sorted out)
 - is same as akhandaakaara vRiti - A fancy name for the
 simple self-evident fact, but being missed due to vaasanaas.
 With that understanding - every thing else or anaatma become
 vibhuti of my own self. Hence anaatma does not perturb my
 clear understanding even while I am transacting with the
 traid - jiiva-jagat-Iswara. 
 My apologies to scholars here if they feel offended. 
 Could not resist
 Hari Om!
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