[Advaita-l] Difficulty with Akhandakara Vrtti - or more with the word itself.

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> a Jnani as a person who perceives his
> Atman in all objects and All objects in Atman. I feel, this is what
> constitute Akhandakara Vritii.

​I hope you have read the whole thread. If not then go through it. Better
not repeat all that.

Even then I'll like to test your sentence:

If GYAnI perceives 'all objects', only then he can perceive himself in
'them'. This 'perception of all' is not accepted in brahmaGYAnam.
And, what does 'in all' means? Does he finds himself sitting inside 'them'?
It doesn't make sense for 'limitless, shapeless' Atman.

BTW, if you want to say that you were little poetic while describing
brahmaGYAna, then I'll request you to stay away from scholarly discussions
to save your poetry.​


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