[Advaita-l] Veda Sara Shiva Sahasra Nama

Ravi Susarla raviharithasa at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 21:51:32 CDT 2015

Dear Members
I'm honoured to be allowed into this erudite list. Thanks to the admin and
fellow members for letting me in.

 I'm interested to buy the book named Veda Sara Siva Sahasranama.

 While surfing the net,I found the below info.


    The Padma Purana contains a Shiva Sahasranama called as "Veda
Sara Shiva Sahasra Nama".  The Text in Sanskrit Devanagari Script
along with the Namavali has already been published by Srirangam
Vani Vilas Press.

    Those who have read it would have enjoyed the beauty of the
names in it.   It is i have come to know, reverentially studied
during Archana to Shiva.

    The Glad news is that it has been commented fully in Sanskrit
by Sri Paramashivendra Saraswathi Swamigal, the Guru of Nerur
Sadashiva Brahmendra.  The full commentary has been published for
the first time as book.  Tanjore Manuscript Library Edition.
Priced Rs. 80.

    the commentary is in a simple style charecteristic of the
writer.  one can have a glimse of this Shiva Bhakthi.

   Good reading.


Mr. S. Venkata Subramanian
        Chartered Accountant

Hence if any of u have the book,please let me know how to buy the book or
address of the available place to buy.Actually I'm not residing in India.

If any one has the book and if u can scan and send me the book,i'm very


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