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In drustanta (द्रष्टांत), the tenth man realizes that  "I am the tenth".    In draastanta (द्राष्टांत), do I realize that I am Brahman?
If not, how the realization happens in this context?

Thank you and regards
-- durga prasad

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> In the laukika example, "This is that Devadatta", the recognition of
> devadatta, once it has occurred, there is no "abiding" (constant) feeling
> "this is that devadatta", just as the man who is told "you are the tenth",
> will not continue to "realize" that he is the tenth person, after he has
> realized just once, with the help of a passer-by (pramANa). After his
> earlier agony of missing a person is destroyed by the realization, "I am
> the tenth", the "realization" that he is the tenth also becomes irrelevant.
> Why? There was no missing person, to begin with, and so the statement "you
> are the tenth" was not really required! I think this is what the Swamiji is
> alluding to when he says the BrahmajnAna from the upanishad pramANa is a
> vRtti jnAna, as opposed to a svarUpajnAna. The brahmajnAna is only required
> to put an end to avidyA, and not beyond that.
> Anand
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