[Advaita-l] Difficulty with Akhandakara Vrtti

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> Namaste
>> Add to it that, although brahman is not fala-vyApya, it is accepted as
>> vRtti-vyApya, and hence it's knowledge causes similar expression as 'I know
>> brahman'. If it doesn't then you are accepting that GYAnI doesn't know that
>> he knows brahman.
>> The expression that brahman can't be said to be known, just means that
>> brahman can't be said to be illumined by others.
>> So, there is no difference.
>> All vRttti-GYAna-s are sakhaNDa in the sense you and others are talking.
>> And, the brahman, which is pure knowledge/consciousness, although akhaNDa
>> is not aGYAna-virodhI. So, you can't say that ghaTa-GYAna is vRtti-rUpa and
>> hence skhaNDa, but brahmaGYAna is one with brahman and hence akhaNDa, too.
> ghaTa is illumined by the chidabhAsa  to have ghaTa GYAna  ( ignorance of
> the adhiSThAna Brahman where all such GYAna occurs is not removed - bhedam
> ( ajnAna of Brahma svarUpa) remains as ever before)
> While, in case of brahmaGYAna, where it is direct illumination, such
> bhedam is removed resulting in jivAtma paramAtma ekatva jnAna ...
> Thanks

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