[Advaita-l] Please Learned Scholars answer these doubts about Advaitha Sidhanta..

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Harsha Bhatji - PraNAms

Your emails further proves that Vedanta has to be studies systematically under a competent teacher . A competent teacher is one who himself studied Vedanta under another competent teachers.

Just for short. Brahman means infinite-ness - anantam. Guna or attributes define an object and differentiate one object from the other. Hence Guna's belong to finite object. Infinite cannot be an object hence it is undefinable - hence nirguna. 

Infinite itself is not an attribute of infinite - all it means is it negates all finite and therefore attributable objects as not Brahman. All the terms you have stated are only negation of all objects that can be definable. They describe the indescribable using pointers (lakshyaartha) for a seeker who has tuned his mind. 

Brahman itself is indefinable as stated by the scriptures - na vaak gachchati, na manaH. 

Similarly the subject I, cannot be defined. Only definition that one can provide is the subject is that which cannot be objectified. It is a negative definition, negating whatever can be objectified cannot be the subject - neti neti says scripture.

Hari Om!
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 Subject: [Advaita-l] Please Learned Scholars answer these doubts about	Advaitha Sidhanta..
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           In advaitha Brahman is
 Termed as Nirguna....the
 same brahman is called as Nishkala,Nirvikaara,Shanta,Nithya
 Nishkala meas indivisible,,,,
 Nirvikaara meas never changing...
 Nithya Truptha...means Self Satisfied..
 Nishkriya...without any activity...
 Sat-chit-ananada....Every Happy....
 These are not Brahman's attribute???
 If these are brahman's attribute definitely brahman is not
 brahman is
 And even we cannot say brahman as avarchaneeya...because we
 can call
 brahman by nirvikaara,shantha...sat-chit-ananda...etc...
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