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> Sri Aurobind,
> Both Atma gyAna and Atma avidyA are in the vyAvahArika plane only.
> When talk of Atma avidyA removal is made, it is to be understood to mean to
> remove the notion that Atma avidyA has any fundamental existence. SAdhana
> is needed to realise that SAdhana is not needed.

one can understand that ..

1. avidya or ajnAna and jnAna is for the jIva (antahakarana)  alone
2. Since the jIva is in folded state in deep sleep, there is absolutely no
knowing of anything by jIva..
3. The importance of jnAna for a jIva is in jagrat, to remove avidya which
is the cause for saMsAra
4. Brahman alone lends the existence to avidya, whose effects are
experienced by jIva in waking/dream,
as avidya has no existence of its own
5. Brahman and avidya can co-exist, as can be validated in jagrat itself (
though Brahman being the svayamprakAsaka
nitya shuddha buddha mukta svarupa vastu, a jIva is not knowing It because
of avidya )
6. avidya has no veiling or covering effect on Brahman, as its effects are
on the upAdhis alone


> From a paramArthika point of view, there is nothing to remove, nothing to
> be realised, no bandha, no mumukshu, no gyAni. Brahman is ever attained,
> hastAmalaka-vat.
> Regards,
> Venkatraghavan

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