[Advaita-l] Difficulty with Akhandakara Vrtti

Aurobind Padiyath aurobind.padiyath at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 07:35:17 CDT 2015

Hari Om, 
"akhandakara vritti"
Akhanda meaning unbroken, Akara meaning (here) Swaroopa,  Vritti (here) 
meaning continues,  (not thoughts).
So, that continuous Swaroopa avastha which displaced the earlier wave like 
thoughts of vishaya which were arising and subsiding including that of deep 
sleep like state where visheshvijnana absence is felt, because even deep sleep 
is not continuous, is the true state of akhandakara vritti. It is called a 
vritti as a misnomer due to the absence of a better word.

Hari om!!!

Aurobind Padiyath

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