[Advaita-l] Difficulty with Akhandakara Vrtti

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Sri Anand,
Many thanks for the clarification.

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> Shri Venkatraghavan wrote:
> >A) svarUpa bheda the non difference of the substratum, the
> contradicting-feature-removed Devadatta, that is common to the terms "this"
> and "that" in the sentence; and
> >B) tAdAtmya is the "simple identity before the apparent differences are
> resolved" between the terms "this" and "that" - i.e there are many common
> features, implying identity, but there are >certain differences in the
> unresolved "this" and "that"?
> Yes, svarUpa abheda could be described as non-difference of the substratum,
> although I prefer to call it non-difference of the essential nature, to
> explain better laukika examples such as "this is that Devadatta". Actually,
> tAdAtmya is used in different senses by advaitins. For example, advaitins
> hold that there is an identity (tAdAtmya) between an object and its
> attributes. Or, they could speak of AdhyAsika tAdAtmya, the identity, due
> to superimposition, between "this" and "silver" in the erroneous cognition
> "this is silver."
> So it is clear that tAdAtmya is not precisely the relation between terms
> such as "tat" and "tvam" in a nirvikalpaka cognition.
> Anand
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