[Advaita-l] Difficulty with Akhandakara Vrtti

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>  My understanding of the position at selfrealization is significantly
> different . Yes . All objective knowledge could be considered as due to
> reflections. But what happens when the “ object “ is the “ Source of the
> Original Light “ ?? This is the position when the Guru says “ tatvamasi “
> to the Sadhaka . The sadhaka is all absorbed in the “ Atman / Brahman “
> thought . Is the “ knowledge “ then due to reflections ? Is there any need
> for reflected light ( Chidabhasa ) at all for this knowledge ?? The answer
> is a definite NO . The knowledge is due to the “ Source of Original Light “
> itself . Hence in this “ knowledge “ there is no Chidabhasa. There are no
> independent aham vritti and idam vritti in this “ knowledge “. This is what
> I had explained in my understanding of the term “ akhandakara vritti “.
> This , in brief , is my understanding.
>  Regards
Even though the Source of the original Light (Brahman) is void of all
vrttis, as it is  jnAna svarUpa (Pure Consciousness), the jnAna of the
Source is taking place in jagrat. As we know, in the very first effulgence
or illumination (sphUrana) from sushUpti to jagrat , adhyAsah has occurred
( Pure consciousness with antaHakaraNa ) and it continues until jIva goes
to deep sleep. So, any jnAna in jagrat is of chidabhasa, be it of the
Source and it is vrtti based. But, there is viseshatha in the svarUpa jnAna
vrtti, as it takes shape as akhandakara vritti (niShprakArikA) which I
learnt from this thread discussion.

Just sharing the understanding ( pl take the idea alone, since i dont have
the scholastic way of presenting , but interested in very few threads on
this forum, where i wish to participate for bettering my own clarity on the
subject :)


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