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> Namaste
> I am having difficulty with understanding the Akhandakara Vrtti that
> is the Final Vrtti.

> Vaadiraaja has two objections . Firstly the
> Akhandakara Vrtti does not have any Content or Phala.


If you are translating​


*​phala*​ as content(*viShaya*), I don't what to say.

Right from here you are wrong.

If vAdirAja presented like this, I will like to put the blame on him.

It is

​I'll also like to say that if your understanding is that niShfala =
niShprakAraka, then you need some serious study, at least of

> If there is a Pot Vrtti there will be a Pot Content.
> But in Akhandakara Vrtti there is no content like the Advaitis are
> saying.


I don't know how do you come to niShprakAraka = nirviShaya?

> There is no Contentless Vrtti in the world.

What do you mean by contentless: 1. devoid of real content, 2. devoid of
illusory content?

Their is third type of vRtti which has no real or illusory content,
vikalapa-vRtti. So, in this sense there is a contentless vRtti.

You could improve your sentence by adding GYAnAtmaka-vRtti instead of vRtti.

> If you say the
> Illusion 'there is no silver' is cancelled there will be a cancelling
> Vrtti like 'this is a shell'. 'This is a shell' is not a contentless
> Vrtti. There is no contentless Vrtti like 'there is nothing' like
> Advaitis are saying.
​Sorry, we never say like this. Your understanding is very poor.

> Secondly Advaitis are saying there is a Final Akhandakara Vrtti Jnana.
> It will destroy other Vrttis and destroy itself also.


Then we enter

​ ​


​I can't understand how could one enter non-duality? Is it a room like

> How can you say the Akhandakara Vrtti is Final? If you
> say this you should be saying it in Non-duality condition.

​No need. Without entering a room I can talk about that.

> But in
>> Non-duality there is no thought or Concept of anything.

​You are talking as if non-duality is a mental modification, like nirodha
of yogI-s. Let me make it clear, it is not.

Now, the objection based on this assumption dissolves.

> All concepts
> are Illusions in Advaiti's book. Then the Akhanadakara Vrtti Concept
> is also Illusion.

​Yes, correct. We accept.

What's harm in accepting so for us?

> It is like hare's horn.

​Get your concepts clear for things appearing in illusion are not accepted
as alIka.

It is fictional.

​That's correct, but you are using fictional(*prAtibhAsika*) and hare's
horn(*alIka*) in same sense, which we don't accept.

I've not given any explanation here, because they are quite popular among
any student of advaita-vedAnta.

Just get your concepts cleared by help of others. I'm negating what is
incorrectly blamed on us by you(because a learned person like vAdirAja
can't be so ignorant of ).

If you ask further, and none replies, I'll continue.

> --
> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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