[Advaita-l] Difficulty with Akhandakara Vrtti

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 09:22:31 CDT 2015


I am having difficulty with understanding the Akhandakara Vrtti that
is the Final Vrtti. Vaadiraaja has two objections . Firstly the
Akhandakara Vrtti does not have any Content or Phala. It is
Nishparakaraka. If there is a Pot Vrtti there will be a Pot Content.
But in Akhandakara Vrtti there is no content like the Advaitis are
saying. There is no Contentless Vrtti in the world. If you say the
Illusion 'there is no silver' is cancelled there will be a cancelling
Vrtti like 'this is a shell'. 'This is a shell' is not a contentless
Vrtti. There is no contentless Vrtti like 'there is nothing' like
Advaitis are saying.

Secondly Advaitis are saying there is a Final Akhandakara Vrtti Jnana.
It will destroy other Vrttis and destroy itself also. Then we enter
Non-duality. How can you say the Akhandakara Vrtti is Final? If you
say this you should be saying it in Non-duality condition. But in
Non-duality there is no thought or Concept of anything. All concepts
are Illusions in Advaiti's book. Then the Akhanadakara Vrtti Concept
is also Illusion. It is like hare's horn. It is fictional.



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