[Advaita-l] Unreality of the world and samsaara..

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Santrosh Rao - PraNAms

Some of these are fundamental questions. I recommend some good introductory Vedanta texts. On line there are series of talks on Introduction to Vedanta in Yu-tube, Some from Swami Dayananda Saraswathi. You can also ask under Acharya Sadaji, if you are interested.
Here are brief answers to your question.

The world is real as long as I have recognized the reality or truth behind world - just a ring or bangle is real as long as I have not recognized the truth of the ring or bangle is the same - the gold -from which they came, by which they are sustained and into which they go back. Once I recognize they are are nothing but gold, the reality that I assumed to the names and forms become only apparently real but not really real. I can still ring is different from bangle; yet I understand that ring is same as bangle.Ontologically the status of ring and bangle are different from Gold. Same way Brahman (meaning infiniteness) is the substantive of the whole -jiiva-jagat and Iswara. They are all apparently different in the transactional world but from absolute point they are the same - from which they came, by which they are sustained and into which they go back. Hence samsaara is real for the one who has not recognized I am Brahman. Once I know I am the
 substantive of whole,  the apparent samsaara is only apparent at transactional level like rings and bangles but not absolutely real. They become my vibhuuti just like gold can say all these ornaments are my glory. Look at my glory say Krishna. 

Mayaa is eternal only in the relative frame of reference. From Brahman point there is no maayaa also. It is one without a second - pure existence-consciousness-limitless. The time and space also become only relative reality/

For a dreamer dream is not a dream but real as long as one is in the dream. Only when awakened one recognize that dream that I experienced is not real but it was only appearances. 

Hari Om!

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 Pranams, 2 questions...
 1) If the world / universe is ultimately unreal, is the
 understanding as per advaita to infer that samsaara is not
 happening, but only appearing to do so?
 If this is correct, how exactly is this apparently "real"
 order of karma,
 cause, and effect to be understood? How can we logically
 between good and bad actions that will lead to good and bad
 future births
 if good and bad don't exist to begin with within a system
 that doesn't
 exist to begin with?
 2) Is Maya eternal like Brahman? What is it's exact nature?
 A link to a
 previous discussion regarding this topic would be
 appreciated, I don't see
 a way to search the archives.
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