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Wed Jun 10 11:42:55 CDT 2015

 Dear Readers,
         The number of texts that a student has to study depends upon the purpose for which he undertakes the study of Vedanta. There are students who want to know the ShAstra completely.That is all. Narada calls them as mantravit.They are in a majority. There are very few sincere and mature mumukshus who are having an earnest hunger to realize their true nature (AtmasvarUpa). Narada calls them as Atmavit.                 Students belonging to the first category want to know ABOUT Brahman etc.                 Students belonging to second category who are sincere mumukshus want                   ONLY TO KNOW /REALZE / COGNIZE Atman / Brahman . 
So, A Guru who knows what he is teaching will suitably advise about the texts which the student has to study.
Sri Shankara's  commentary as an introduction to mantra 2- 2 writes :
             Evam AcAryoktaH  SiShyaH  EkAntE upaviShTaH samAhitaH san yathOktamAcAryENa Agamam arthatO vicArya, tarkataSca nirdhAryaH svAnuBavaM kRutvA . . . ||
      For the nature of tarka (Reasoning) Sri Shankara has fully described it in his commentary to Sutra 2-1-6. He calls it as Shrautatarka.   
With respectful pranams,Sreenivasa Murthy.

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