[Advaita-l] Difficulty in Ignorance Analysis

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Dear Sri Venkatesh Murthy ji,

 At the location of the object, the Avidya associated with Consciousness
appears as the object and hence is termed the material cause of the object.
This is Adhyasa. This object encloses the General Consciousness ( Samanya
Chaitanya ) as well which then is termed Specific Consciousness ( Vishesha
Chaitanya ) . This Vishesha Chaitanya itself is associated with Avidya also
which is termed Toola Avidya ( तूलाविद्या ) . When you say

 << When I see a pot the Ignorance cover is lifted and then only I
can see the pot. >>

 it is this Toola Avidya ( तूलाविद्या ) located in the Chaitanya enclosed
by the pot which is neutralized by the Mental Vritti and not the Avidya
associated with the projection of the pot itself ( which is Adhyasa ) which
is the material cause of the pot. Thus there is no contradiction .

It should however be clarified that the two Avidyas  are not entirely
different or independant of each other. Avidya is one only. But for
purposes of analysis they are given different names to clarify the
different roles played under different circumstances. There is only one all
pervading Consciousness and only one Avidya associated with it. Wherever
Consciousness is considered Avidya also is to be automatically construed.


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> Namo Vidvadbhyaha
> I am having difficulty analysing one Vaadiraaja's argument in
> Nyayaratnavali. All the objects are covered by Ignorance before we see
> them. When I see a pot the Ignorance cover is lifted and then only I
> can see the pot. Some books are calling this 'Veil of Ignorance' But
> Advaitis will also say the pot is a Superimposition - Adhyaasa on
> Brahman. But this Adhyaasa is also Ignorance only. If the earlier
> covering Ignorance is destroyed when I see the pot how can the second
> Ignorance - Adhyaasa arise? If the first covering Ignorance is
> destroyed the second Ignorance must not arise. Because Vaadiraaja says
> Advaitis say the Avaraka Ajnana - covering Ajnana is the Material
> Cause of the Adhyaasa. Then if this is true I must not see the pot.
> There is a contradiction in Vaadiraaja's opinion. I have to solve this
> contradiction.
> I have a firm belief there is a solution in Advaita but I dont know
> it. Kindly inform me if there is a solution. I know some people
> knowing the solution but they are not available to answer my question
> now.
> --
> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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