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> सुब्रह्मण्य महोदयाः
> यन्मनसा न मनुते यदाहुर्मनो मतं तदेव ब्रह्म *तद्वि*द्धि नेदं यदिदमुपासते।

The mantra reads thus:

यन्मनसा न मनुते यदाहुर्मनो मतं तदेव ब्रह्म *त्वं* विद्धि नेदं यदिदमुपासते।

According to Shankara, the above means: That which is not thought of by the
mind but that for whom the mind is an object, That alone though know as
Brahman and not that which is meditated upon as an object as 'this', that
is, as different from the meditator.

However, not wanting to take this straight meaning that comes from the
mantra, Madhva has resorted to a strange way of breaking the single word
'upāsate' into three as 'upa', 'āsa' and  'te' to give the meaning: Brahman
is not jīva svarūpam but is the one that sits close to you and controls
you.  See that interpretation here, on the third page end.  One can also
see that the text on p.2  shows the mantra as 'upāsate' as just one word


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