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Sreenivasa murthy - PraNAms.

One can know Brahman as paroxa jnanaam - as most of the member in this list know.

Knowing Brahman as aparoxa jnanaam requires lot more purification of the mind than that required for paroxa jnaanam. For that reason only nidhidhyaasana is specified besides shravana and manana. Knowing Brahman completely should involve aparoxa jnanam - requiring a uttama adhikaaritvam. 

One way to account for the completely word used. 

Hari Om!

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      Sri Shankara in his commentary to Sutra 1-1-1
 writes :
 AtmA ca Brahma ||
    Is there knowing Brahman   incompletely also ?
 NEVER. Either one realizes  Brahman or does not realize at
 all. Either one knows or does not know. Such titles like
 "knowing Brahman completely" are misleading and a  student
 is likely to be misled.   What have the members to say
 regarding such titles?
 With respectful regards,  Sreenivasa Murthy

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