[Advaita-l] Guru vaNdana and 'guru-s' in our saMsAra !!

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Fri Jul 31 01:18:55 CDT 2015

Hare Krishna

My humble prostrations to all guru vareNya-s on this auspicious day of vyAsa / guru pUrNima.  shAstrajnOpi svAtantryeNa brahmajnAnAnveshaNaM ha kuryAt though one is shAstra vida he should not search brahma jnAna on his own for that he has to approach AchArya AchAryAt eva vidyA viditA sAdhistaM prApat says shankara.  Guru's role in sAdhaka's brahma jignAsa is indispensable.  Purandara dAsa sings in Kannada, guruvina karuNeyaagatanaka doreyadaNNa mukuti.  Let us all prostrate unto the lotus feet of avadhUta guru Sri dakshiNAmurthy.

After reading AchArya Sri Sada prabhuji's comment about his affectionate dharma patni, & her services etc., a thought arises in my mind which I want to share with the forum.  Kindly don't think this thought of mine has anything to do with Sri Sada prabhuji's close bond with his family members etc. I think this thought pattern would be entertained by all the sAdhaka-s who are sailing in two boats i.e. rAma & kAma.

As a matter of fact like Sri sada prabhuji, for me also my family is quite attractive, my wife is beautiful and my kids are wonderful.   When my wife serving everything at my sitting place, when she sings Carnatic classical music melodiously, when she does not speak a single word to my relentless cacophonies at home, I often think I am really blessed to have a wife like her,  when my first son doing all the work of mine (like washing my car, arranging my clothes in cupboard, keeping my books in order etc.) and chanting veda mantra-s early in the morning after sAndhyAvandanaM , I think my son is the best son in the world, no one can match him.  So is my affection towards my second son when he is without prior asking ready with the pain gel in his hand to apply it to my aching ankle and knees as soon as I returned from badminton court :) My mind often exclaims with unbound happiness, bhaaskara, dhanya, dhanya, you are really blessed to have caring wife and kids like this, you are the happiest man in the world.  But at the same time my vedAntic mind, with equal force bangs me with series of questions, is this not the mAya in the form of beautiful wife and kids and their (socalled) unconditional affection towards me, is this not the trap that is enough for you to be there in the samsara chakra forever??  Is this not the samsara bandhana that you want to get rid of in pursuit of the ultimate??  How long this happiness would stay with you??   You idiot, greedy, selfish mind think about the impermanence of this saMsAra & don't think about the beauty of this samsara you will be trapped forever if you think your samsara is the only beautiful thing in this world.  Is this not a pessimistic view??  I know how to balance my sAdhana and samsara and I know how to detach myself from these bondages at any point of time, counters my materialistic mind shamelessly.  And finally my vedAnta read mind with a regret in its voice says : if this is your fate, what can I do, one fine day you will realize, what I am saying is not a pessimistic view but it is a realistic view point of vedAnta and after saying this verdict my vedAntic mind vanishes in thin air giving way to my materialistic mind to enjoy the 'SAMSAARA'.  My humble praNAms to that vidyAvidyA svarUpiNi mAya.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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