[Advaita-l] A list of hundred and one yajurveda shakhas

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Thu Jul 30 12:16:13 CDT 2015

SrI mAtre namaH 

Namaste all , 

Yajurveda have 101 shAkhA, generally  people consider such things as myths ( some of Indologist  and scholars too ) , According to them this is hypothesis but our shAstras are full of pramAna for there statements. Following is post having all 101 yajurveda shAkhA names .


Please note that  " 
In some cases I found different names of same yaju-shAkhA so I included most popular name of that shAkhA.Name of shAkhA in bold letter show existence of shAkhA in form of oral /published / manuscript /  fragment form .List is not critical at all , it is based on traditional sources." 

pramAna granThas 

1) charanvyuha sutra ( both )
2) vedashAkhA paryAlochanaM
3) veda shAkhA patta
4) bramhAnda purAna
5) mahArnava 
6) vishnu purAna 
7) Introduction to several published yaju-samhitAs.


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