[Advaita-l] Query on size of yagnopavItaM

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To my knowledge, in the Tamil, Telugu and Kannada speaking regions, there is no variation in yajnopavIta size depending on vedaSAkhA. I'm not sure about the Nambudiris, who have Rk, sAma and yajurvedins among them. If these distinctions are ancient and if they were originally meant to be strictly adhered to in practice, then Kerala is possibly the only place in south India where they might be preserved.

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> SrI mAtre namaH 
> Namaste Venkatesha Ji , 
>  I agrwe we don't know who has prepared yagnopavIta that we are purchasing. Actually a brahman has to prepare it himself . Today It self I called an old shuka yajurveda vidvAna , who know how to make it by yourself may be on Saturday or Sunday I will approach him and learn it . If it will be possible I will record video / pictures of every step and put it on my  blog for others. He told me it is not a difficult task by practicing 10-15 times we can make it ourselves. Method he initially told me is different from south , here hands and right knee is used. Following are some more links on how to make sacred thread by self  .
> 1) http://www.salagram.net/Brahmin-threads.html  
> 2) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AG4aMQmTTmc 
> 3) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sluDx9wB8F8
> Regards
> Animesh 
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