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Hare Krishna

At the end of mahAnyAsa chanting we do sAshtAnga (urasA shirasA drushtyAmanasA vachasA tathA, padbhyAm karAbhyAM karNAbhyAM praNAmOshtAnga uchyate) namaskaarams by chanting mantra-s like hiraNyagarbhasamavartatAgre, brahmajagnAnaM, mahEdyau pruthivi etc.  (not stOtra-s) and at the end of each mantra we say umAmahEshvarAbhyAM namaH.  .  But we do only 8 namaskArams not 13.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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Our new member Shri Peri Murthy sent along this query in relation to a question which was asked on the list back in 2006.  At that time there wasn't an answer either.  Is there anyone who can shed some light?

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Dear Sir,
early this month,  I had an opportunity to participate in  Ati Rudra Maha Yajnam in BadriNath.
during the Aruna-prasna chanting,  I observed the same & have same question as below.
when googled,  bumped into your thread from 2006.
did any one responded to your question ?  will you please let me know the
13 namaskara strotras ?
                 Sub: stotra ending in UmA MaheshwarAya Namah

Thank you, Peri Murthy.
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