[Advaita-l] What is avidyA vR^itti as against antaHkaraNa vR^itti?

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Hari Om,

What is avidyA vR^itti  (अविद्या वृत्ति)  as against antaHkaraNa vR^itti  (अन्तःकरण वृत्ति)?

Examples of avidyA vR^itti  (अविद्या वृत्ति)  are

इच्छाकार अविद्या वृत्ति  (ichChAkAra avidyA vR^itti)

सुखाकार अविद्या वृत्ति   (sukhAkAra avidyA vR^itti)
(That is mind and its attributes.)

This is in the context of the following statement in Vedanta Paribhasha:

"Similarly, although the mind and its attributes (note 1), etc.(note 2), are objects of the witness alone, yet as we assume (them to be objects of) mental states in the form of those, the definition mentioned above applies there also, and hence it is not too narrow.

Note 1: such as pleasure and desire
Note 2: refers to illusions, such as seeing a nacre as silver"

Sarvajnatma-muni states that in illusions such as seeing a nacre as silver,
इदम्  is अन्तःकरण वृत्ति   (  idam is antaHkaraNa vR^itti 
रजताकार​ is अविद्या वृत्ति  (  rajatAkAra  is avidyA vR^itti)

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