[Advaita-l] Attributes and upadhis

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PraNAms SadAji,

This is still a perception because it satisfies the condition that the
pramANa chaitanyam (the chaitanyam enclosing the thought "this is that
devadatta") is unified with the prameya chaitanyam (the object (devadatta)
enclosed) at the point of knowledge generation.

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>  If the definition of the akhandArtha vAkya (samsarga anavagAhi - VedAnta
> paribhAsha; samsarga asangi - tatvapradIpika) is that different parts of
> the sentence refer to one and only object without any relational
> connection, the implication is that the different parts of the sentence
> cannot have qualifier/qualified, part/whole, cause/effect, including for
> the purposes of our discussion - an attribute/locus relationship.
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> Venkatraghavan
> Venkataraghavan - PraNAms
> The above statement seems to refer to pramaa from Shabda pramaana and not
> pratyaksha pramaana- related to language in communication. Am I worng?
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda

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