[Advaita-l] Attributes and upadhis

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Hari Om Shri Ravi Kiranji, Pranaams!

>3) by the process of partially discarding contradicting features - since
> Vishnumitra is seeing devadatta for the first time , how does this
> discarding happen for  Vishnumitra ? ( since there is only a single
> perception for the first time ? )

The perception revealed to viShNumitra a person at yaGYadatta's place. To know specifics he enquires yaGYadatta and he replies.

The process how the statement given as reply was understood to be meaningful involve lakShaNA vRRitti of the type bhAga-tyAga.

The basic presumption is that every sentence convey a meaning. That too from authoritative source cannot be meaningless/senseless i.e. contradict other pramANa or anubhava.

Prior to resorting to lakShaNA vRRitti (secondary connotation), lot of knowledge processes happen viz. that the words are in same case ending, they are not synonyms, the statement is not mere praise, the relation of qualifier-qualified do not apply, direct meaning contradicts other valid knowledge/experience. . .

Then process of reconciliation with secondary meaning happens. 

>Or is it the recognition that one was always that sat/Atman/brahman alone,
even when one had identified oneself as jIva prior to mahavakya-janya-jnAna ?

jIva cannot recognize he was only brahman - jIvatva is anAdi and jIva-bhAva cannot continue with brahman knowledge.

GYAni who is brahman now cannot recognize that first he was brahman, next jIva and now brahman like a waker recognizes he was the dreamer and sleeper and now waker. That will lead to impermanence of liberation.

The only recognition possible is the GYAni recognizing that he was only jIva like the waker, though dream is falsified, recognizing himself was dreamer.

In Shri Guru Smriti,
Br. Pranipata Chaitanya 

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