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I don't have Swamiji's translation at hand, but if it refers to the Gita Press edition, that must be for the text of Gita and Acarya's Bhashya. If you want only the Sanskrit original, then that edition (I do not have it; I rely on the Vani Vilas Press edition) should be good, but if we are talking of translations, Gita Press usually translates the commentary of Sri J. Goendka (if memory serves right), which is a somewhat free-wheeling commentary.
RegardsN. Siva Senani
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Thanks for the reply,
I just read in the introduction of the Gita Shankara Bhasya by Gambhirananda that they generally followed the gitapress edition for the text and the commentary.
That is interesting to note. Still I see many difference. 

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Translation by Swami Gambhirananda is according to Sankaracharya's Bhashya. Gita Press books are of very good quality, except their explanations of Gita, which do not follow one particular Acarya's commentary.
By all means go for the Swami's translation.
RegardsN. Siva Senani
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Hari Om,

Speaking about translations and not commentaries. 

I have two translations of the Gita, one by Swami Gambhirananda (Shankara Bhasya by RK Math) and one from Gitapress and find the English translations very different. 

For the study of Vedanta, is one preferred?

Could someone elaborate on this?


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