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i am sorry, i cannot help you with your problems in inter-personal interactions, as it seems to be the case from a cursory scan of whatever you stray off-topic remarks etc. 
if you are pursuing your saadhana under the guidance of a guru, i suggest it is best to be open and straight forward in seeking appropriate guidance on these matters as well, well before it develops into an otherwise obsessive-compulsive-behaviour-syndrome. 
please take my words here in a positive sense, rather than resorting to any knee-jerk-reactions. 
i sincerely wish you to come out of that shell, and shine well. 
you certainly do have a very bright future ahead. 
may lalitaambika bless you.
Keshava PRASAD HalemanemOkShakaamaarthadharmahjanmanaa jaayatE jantuḥ |  samskaaraat hi bhavEt dvijaḥ ||  vEda-paaThaat bhavEt vipra |  brahma jnaanaat hi braahmaNah || 

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Let me take some time to share my humble observations, after having been somewhat more active in interacting with this group during the last few days/weeks/etc. 
One's words (whether uttered or lettered) are like one's signature, especially for a learned one. 
I do not know, but the learned-seniors(jnaanavRddhaaH) in this group will be able to provide a myriad examples, anecdotes, etc, with references/citations to original texts in our SAstras, to justify this view. 
Self-discipline in the use of words is the starting point in all aantarika-saadhana. All efforts in aadhyaatma-saadhana goes futile if-&-when one hasn't put due effort towards this basic self-discipline. 

​Better start a separate thread for this subject. Don't cause deviation here.

I'm not against talking about these qualities. I'm against using character-certificate(give by whom? you or alike?) to deny argument presented by other. I'm against using 'quality of being soft spoken' to shut mouth of the person engaged in argument.
This is more deceitful and sign of weakness of character/sign of not being emotionally strong/ sign of  not being able to learn, etc.
The worst people are those who use emotion/sAdhanA-thing in an argument to see their opponent loose.​

I've seen this in some other groups, where people throw to me link upon links and quotes upon quotes on how to improve myself and how to become likable. I repeat here that better learn to stay in seclusion if you are emotionally weak, better learn to do more sAdhanA and stay in your exalted samAdhi-state(if you have reached that!!), better use those links and quotes to improve yourself even more and stay calm.



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