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Tue Jul 7 21:06:36 CDT 2015

Hari Om,

Namaste श्रीमल्ललितालालितः

You wrote
"1.  Now, the akhaNDAkAratva or niShprakAratva of vRttiH.
Just take it as if a vRttiH dispels ignorance of a pot, etc. but doesn't objectify it's adjectives, it is niShprakArikA.
prakAra means adjectives. The vRtti which illuminates base, it's qualities and their relation;  is saprakArikA.

2.akhaNDAkAra of vRtti means that it doesn't illuminate any adjective or relation. It just dispels ignorance of / illuminates one thing, either brahman or pot without revealing it's qualties and relations."

Doubts: vRttiH  is dispelling ignorance of say,a परिच्छिन्न​ pot.
1. Why it is called akhaNDAkAra of vRtti? What is the reason for using the term 'akhaNDa'?

2. Can it be called आवरण भंगत्व of vRttiH? Is there a difference between आवरण भंगत्व and akhaNDAkAratva?

3. As per this definition, any vRttiH that dispels ignorance of any vastu, परिच्छिन्न​ or अपरिच्छिन्न, has akhaNDAkAratva.  Am I right?

4. Is the characteristics of  of dispelling ignorance of परिच्छिन्न​ vastu and अपरिच्छिन्न vastu same?  

Thank you and regards
-- durga prasad


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