[Advaita-l] akdhandaakara vRitti - My mistake

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Tue Jul 7 02:15:28 CDT 2015

On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 5:40 PM, Keshava PRASAD Halemane <
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> A knowledge of the ghaTa arises from the ghaTAkAra-vRtti as usually
> understood.

​Wrong sentence written because of lack of understanding.
vRtti is GYAnam, it doesn't give rise to some other GYAnam.
To be precise, you may add vRttyupahitachaitanyam is GYAnam.

> What will be that knowledge of the same ghaTa arising from an
> akhanDAkAra-vRtti associated with it?

Wrong sentence as previous one.
So, it should be 'how do you express ghaTa-viShayaka-akhaNDAkAra-vRtti'?
The best answer is, it can't be expressed.
But, if you need to understand anyhow then consider it as GYAna of ghaTa
without mentioning ghaTatvam as it's dharma.

> Will it be the same knowledge, or different?

​akhaNDAkAravRtti or niShprakAraka-vRtti is different from saprakAraka or
sakhaNDa one, otherwise why should we use different words for them.

> I guess that it will be different because of the fact that the
> ghaTAkAra-vRtti is different from the akhanDAkAra-vRtti associated with it.
> If different, how different will be those two from one another?

​The difference will be in the way they reveal ghaTa. One will reveal only
ghaTa and other will reveal it with it's quality/ties.

> "ghaTAkAra-vRtti-janya-jnAna of the ghaTa"  -and-
>  "akhanDAkAra-vRtti-janya-jnAna of the ghaTa".

​First learn to use words correctly.
I'm saying this because just a few days ago I corrected someone here. I
thought he will correct this after learning!!​


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