[Advaita-l] Continuing : Please tell the meaning of this Verse

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Mon Jul 6 17:53:03 CDT 2015


                           Your explanation is wonderful ....But When I
read that....I got a confusion...

                          Here is my Question to your explanation......

First you said,For explanation of first verse

prapanco yadi vidyeta nevarteta nashamshhayaH |

The answer - at the level of vaacyaartha - is: "if the world were seen,
that is if it really existed, it would have dissolved". By the force of
"if" (यदि, yadi), the taatparya (purport) is: "but that is not true; in
reality, the world does not exist". This begets a question: "then what is
that we see around us?" The reply is: "Oh! that is an illusion.
maayaamaatram idam dvaitam. In Reality, there is no second to Brahman.
advaitam paramaarthataH "

Second, amongst the other uses of " if ", it (the word *if*)  is used to
express an hypothetical situation. Example: "*If* I were to be the Prime
Minister of India, I would do ...".

The word "if" denotes that in fact it does not exist, but for the purpose
of vyavahaara, if we take it to be existing, then our contention is that it
would disappear.

Meaning the presence of word yadi Vidyeta tells that this world doesnot
exist ...as there is the presence of word yadi....


For the statement...
"vikalpo vinivarteta kalpitao yadi kenacit"

You said....
VikalpaH is manifoldnessvinivarteta means "it would return or
disappear"kalpitaH is imagined or conceivedyadi = ifkenacit = by something
or somebody. Here we take it as "by some reason", i.e. for some purpose.

There the presence of the word Yadi  in yadi kenachit.....

Will say that this world is not imagined by some body(athma)....the
presence of yadi here tells so no...If we take the same logic you have
given above...where you said yadi vidhyeta as na vidheya......so yadi kena
chit has to be na kenachit....right???

Here is the Another problem...

If this vikalpa in the form of kalpita...(or kalpana)...exista or not?...if
it exists . .advaitha..fails as there are two things brahma and kalpana...
Because kalpana should exist for it to be removed...
If not..exist...
Without kalpana...what is the purpose of it to be removed through vedas
..to get moksha....that means we are already in moksha......which is self
contradictory as we have to get moksha through removal of avidhya.....

Please tell me weather this avidhya exists or not??

Here the problem you said for world dissolves..for first verse...

prapanco yadi vidyeta nevarteta nashamshhayaH |

Also exists for the last verse...where avidhya dissolves  Right???

"vikalpo vinivarteta kalpitao yadi kenacit"

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