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Shree Venkatesh Murthy - PraNAms

The reason is obvious. there is a dichotomy in the word - akhandam and vRitti - hence it is word that is defined to communicate something which otherwise very descriptive -ex. boiling point. with each word meaning differ with combined word meaning something else. What exactly it signifies - where and how it has been used - opinions differ.

>From the point of essential knowledge, the discussions may not mean much, but in the process other things are becoming clear for those who are interested. In that sense it is not wasted exercise. 

In between, some emotions have flared up. However, that is also indication of our maturity or lack of it. I try to watch myself, If I am getting upset, it is a true indication that my ego is  getting involved more than it should and I am getting attached to my own ideas - time to stand back and watch out myself. Keeping to the facts as one understand and avoiding the personal emotions or attachments is great exercise. 

Hari Om!

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 Namaste Sri Sadananda and
 I asked a simple
 question on Akhandakara Vrtti last month. This has
 become cause for hundreds of messages on this.
 I can only say 'WOW'.
 Why is this so
 complicated and confusing to so many people? If
 Akhandakara Vrtti is 'Arising' like any
 Vrtti it cannot be
 continuously ABIDING
 Vrtti. Arising things can never be Constant
 because they Arise and Fall like waves in the
 OR you can think
 Akhandakara Vrtti is like a Silver Bullet to kill
 Avidya. When you shoot Silver Bullet at Avidya
 it will die. When you
 burn the dead body of
 Avidya the silver bullet stuck in it will also
 burn. What is there to keep on shooting Silver
 Bullet at a Dead body.
 It is already dead.
 Why should you keep on shooting it? Therefore the
 Akhandakara Vrtti Silver Bullet is shot once
 only. It will do its job.
 If Ribhu Gita is saying Akhandakara Vrtti is
 permanent it means
 different thing. Not the
 Akhandakara Vrtti we are talking.

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