[Advaita-l] akdhandaakara vRitti - My mistake

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I think I have correctly understood Akhandakara Vrtti like this
without confusing myself or getting confused by others. To understand
Akhandakara Vrtti we have to know Akhandarthatva first. Take Satyam
Jnanam Anantam Brahma. Here there is no Sambandha of Visheshana and
Visheshya between Satyam Jnanam or Anantam and Brahma. They are not
the Qualities of Brahma but they are That. Brahman in Satya, Brahman
is Jnana and Brahman is Ananta. This Vakya has Akhandarthatva. The
Vrtti with this Akhandarthatva of Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma is
Akhandakara Vrtti.

Satyam = Brahma, Jnana = Brahma, Ananta = Brahma.

In Soyam Devadatta also there is no Visheshana and Visheshya. That
Devadatta is not a Quality of this Devadatta. This Devadatta is not a
Quality of that Devadatta. This Devadatta = That Devadatta. But here
we have to use Jahadajahallakshana to remove unwanted qualities from
This Devadatta and That Devadatta. That Devadatta may have a beard and
moustache and this Devadatta has no beard and moustache. But he is
still same Devadatta. This Devadatta = That Devadatta. The Jnana
coming to us 'This is that Devadatta' is the Akhandakara Vrtti.

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>> Is it possible for one to have an  akhaNDAkAra-vRtti
>> [niShprakAra-vRtti] associated with an object in the physical world, say a
>> ghaTa or a paTa like object? OR is it that  an  akhaNDAkAra-vRtti
>> [niShprakAra-vRtti] is by definition always associated with only
>> brahma-vastu?
> You know, anyone will hate to say same thing again and again. I'm telling
> this about second question.
> If you understand that I was refuting it's relation with  brahma-vastu
> only, then it makes sense to deduce that I accept that this vRtti is
> possible for other objects. Otherwise, why should I insist to cover सोयम्
> and प्रकृष्टप्रकाशश्चन्द्रः etc.?
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