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Hari Om,

Much appreciated! So much to look into. Thanks for sharing all that. 


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> Namaste,
> Several saints commented on BG from their philosophical perspective. Sri.Abhinava Gupta
> wrote from the perspective of "trika-siddhAnta"; Maharashtra Saint Sri.Jnaneshwar Maharaj
> wrote magnum opus "jnAnEshwari" which is based on "nAtha-sampradAya"; Balga Gangadhar Tilak
> wrote from karma yOga perspective; Sri.Aurobindo wrote from "pUrNa-yOga" perspective etc.
> But, personally, I like two commentaries on BG. One is "sAdhak-sanjeevani" written by 
> Swami Ramsukhdas Maharaj Ji which is published by Gita Press, Gorakhpur and another
> is Srimad Bhagavatgita with sAdhana vyAkhya by Sri.Sista Subba Rao Garu.  
> The above two touched my heart.  The latter one ie., Commentary by 
> Sri.Sista Shanta Subba Rao Garu has special place for me. 
> Prof. Subba Rao was a great scholar of telugu, english & sanskrit and 
> worked as english professor in Andhra University.  He was suffering from poor eyesight which
> turned out to be glaucoma. Eventually, he lost his eyesight and became totally blind. 
> Not knowing what to do and having heard the greatness of Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi, came 
> to Tiruvannamalai and approached Bhagavan.  After serving Him, pleaded Bhagavan for
> restoring the eye sight. Bhagavan turned deaf ears and later wrote on a small piece of paper
> and gave to Prof.Subba Rao.  It read as "develop INNER VISION rather than striving for
> OUTER VISION.  Inner Vision would take care of everything".
> This advice of Bhagavan was Upadesa for Prof.Rao and he performed intense sadhana in the
> presence of Bhagavan.   Later, he became steadfast in "Atma-vichAra" and wrote commentary
> on BG with his own anubhava.  Prof.Rao passed away on 20th April 1981 and cast off his 
> mortal frame just like a ripe cucumber separates itself from creeper. 
> Apart from these, Anandagiri, Sridhara Swami etc. wrote the commentaries. But to understand
> the advaita commentaries to BG, one must be good in it's concepts.  
> Audio lectures of Swami Ranganathananda Maharaj (former President of Ramakrshna Mutt, Hyd)
> are available. Sri.Maharaj was also a great scholar and votary of Gita.  
> Swami Chinmayananda Ji and Swami Sivananda Ji also wrote beautiful commentaries to BG
> that are simple & sweet. 
> To start with the books of Sw.Chinmayananda Ji (Chinmaya Mission), Sw.Sivananda Ji (Divine Life Society) & Sw.Ramsukhdas Maharaj (Sadhak Sanjeevani of Gita Press) are wonderful books. Gita Press has published a book called "Gita Darpan" which is the essence of BG.
> However, it all depends on one's level of maturity to understand.
> regs,
> sriram
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> Hari Om,
> Thanks for sharing that.
> To take this one step further.
> Which are the commentaries really worth studying on Gita
> beside these two?

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