[Advaita-l] akdhandaakara vRitti - My mistake

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> Therefore the interpretation of the
> term should also be with reference to the context in which Sri Sadananda
> Yogi has used it , as he appears to be the first to have used the term.

​Why stop with your limited vision? Let us go to shrI-chitsukhAchAryaH, who
in his tattvapradIpikA said this :
संसर्गासङ्गिसम्यग्धीहेतुता या गिरामियम् ।
उक्ताखण्डार्थता यद्वा तत्प्रातिपदिकार्थता ॥
I've seen वेदान्तसारः , and I think sadAnanda only used this term, but has
not defined it. Correct? Check commentaries, definitely in Sanskrit and
those of credible authors, for the meaning.​


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