[Advaita-l] Some information relating to Sri Madhvacharya and Dharmasthala temple in Karnataka

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                         I don't know about Sri srivathsa 's doubts.....But

One thing Dharmastala temple is not founded by madhvacharya,but by Vadiraja
swami as said by Madhvas...But  Virendra hegde's Family says that the
temple is founded by Annappa Daiva....

And Regarding Madhvacharya calling Shankara as manimantha
Daithya...Madhvacharya himself calls Shankara as Manimantha Daithya in
Mahabhrath Tatparya Nirnya

His followers even today chant vayustuthi were they worship madhvacharya as
hanuman who killed manimantha daithya (Shankara) in his previous birth...

Some of madhva's like narayana pandithacharya call shankaracharya as
widow's Son,he even defame Ubaya Barathi (Sringeri Sharadamba)...with very
ugly stories in his book Manimanjari and Sumadhva Vijaya....

Harsha Bhat

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> Dearall, Pranams, Ido not want to rake up old issues. But I would like to
> share some information.Some time ago, on our Advaita Vedanta board, one Sri
> Srivathsa Rao had raised adoubt about Sri Madhvacharya calling Sri Shankara
> as the devil, Manimantha. Isaw a Quiz Programme on Sri Shankara TV Channel,
> in which a question related tothe Dharmasthala Templein Karnataka. The
> Founder of the Temple was none other than Sri Madhvacharya himselfaccording
> to the quiz master and the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. If
> Madhvacharya is the founder of a Shiva Temple, why and how could he
> havecalled Sri Shankara, the greatest  worshipper of Lord Shiva, I(even if
> oneis not willing to consider him as the incarnation of Lord Shiva Himself)
> as thedevil Manimantha? I have checked Dharmasthala on google and found
> that thetemple is being managed to this day by Madhva followers. Therefore,
> I thinklater day malicious people, with vested interests to decry and
> condemn SriShankara, must have interpolated statements to the effect that
> Madhvacharyacalled Sri Shankara as the devil Manimantha (so that they could
> get somepolitical mileage and show off some authority, though it is
> blatantly fake) ,as during his time, there was no computer or internet or
> even printedbooks.   Ithink we need to check facts and figures and we
> should not be carried aboutstatements attributed to one sect or another. I
> hope we can be more careful inchecking the veracity of statements
> attributed to religious leaders, especiallywhen it is defamatory of
> others.  Pranamsonce again, Ramesh Ramanan.
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