[Advaita-l] Roadmap Vedanta study

Vivek ammasfeet at icloud.com
Wed Jul 1 21:38:33 CDT 2015

Hari Om,

Greetings to all. 

Since I started my study in Vedanta I learned a lot of things and am grateful and feel blessed to thread this path. 

One thing I always enjoyed doing is mapping things out, getting a solid understanding on the complete picture. 

I'd like to get a general idea as what should be studied (in a whole lifetime) and in what order to mastery of the vedantic texts for the goal of Self Realization. 

Starting with Prakarana Granthas, then moving on to the Prasthana Traya and then more advanced works and different commentaries. 

I like to make a clear and full roadmap to mastery and also hope it might inspire others  to have a clear direction as in what order to proceed. 

I know this is a personal journey for everyone but I'd like to create a general road map. 

So far it's this what I've come up with

Tattva Bodha
Prasthana Traya (moolam)
Prasthana Traya (Shankara Bhasya)
Anubhuti Prakasha

I encourage all that feel compelled to add your version of this list so that we can come to and excellent roadmap. Maybe more commentaries on Prasthana Traya could be added to this list?

Thanks for your contribution,

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