[Advaita-l] ***UNCHECKED*** Clarification on savayajna

Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Wed Jan 28 12:14:53 CST 2015

SrI mAtre namaH,

Thank you all for helping me with the subject.
SrI Ramesh ji wrote "
I am sorry to say that your attention is being diverted from serious pursuit of advaita vedanta.........
But I think I will stick to my reading of the Ribhu Gita and self-reading as taught by Sri Ramana. "

I am great full to him that our group is  so conscious about the members . Unlike Ribhu geeta for you I have as much as respect for Devi geeta ( parvati geeta ).And I asked the question due to my will of  actually preforming sava yajna ( in future ) and convincing my father for performance for bhagvati . 

Bhagvati herself mentions in devi geeta *
"पूजा यज्ञादिकं कुर्याद् यथाविधिविधानतः । श्रुतिसमृत्युदितै: 
सम्यक् स्ववर्णाश्रमवर्णितैे: ॥
सर्वयज्ञतपोदानैर्मामेव हि समार्चयेत् ।
ज्ञानत्सञ्जयते मुक्तिर्भक्तिर्ज्ञानस्य कारणं ॥
धर्मात्संजयते भक्तिर्धर्मो यज्ञदिको मतः|
( देवी गीता , 1chapter 62 ,63, 64 ) "
and valuable thing you and SrI Venkata ji sujjested is also mentioned. 
वेदान्तादिषु शास्त्रेषु संनिविष्टमना भवेत् । 
( देवी गीता , 1chapter 68 )
At another instance bhagvati mentions 
अहं सर्वमयी यस्मात्सर्वयज्ञ फलप्रदा ।"

( * devi geeta is from devi purana ,chapter 15-19. In a geeta samgraha published by Geeta press Gorakhpur it is of number 21, If someone need the pdf version kindly mail me . )

Since I got my ans so I'm ending the discussion . ( But suggestions and thoughts by respected group members are open heartily welcomed. )

I apologize if this communication if it is  out of group subject .


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