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SrI mAtre namaH

Namaste , 

I'm composing the 'sava yajna prayoga ' for the revival of the atharvanic tradition. I'm facing some problems in prayoga , I need suggestions from all group members .

Unlike of sapta soma samsathA ( 7 soma yAga starting from agnistoma ) ,atharvavedins have ' sava sanstha '.Even srI shankarAcgarya in bramhasutra bhAshya mentions of this see sava sansthAs peculiar to atharvans. See BB 3rd chapter 3rd pAda, 3rd sutra. 
" svAdhyAyasya......sava vacch tanniyahH".

They are mentioned in kaushika grihya sutraM 7th , 8th chapter. Befor agnI Adhan ,atharvavedins  have to perfome it. (  Darila bhAshya say" अथर्ववेद विहिता यागा एते । आवसथ्याधाने सव यज्ञान कृत्वा ततो अग्न्याधानं कुर्यात् । ).They are also know as Odana yagya.Like somayAga they are also for svarga kAma. स्वर्ग कामो सवेन यजेत् । unlike somayAga they are not complicated and costlier .
The bramhodana and svargodana are prakriti for all 22savas. 

The main problem I'm facing in prayoga is pashukalpa where injunction of  a pashuAlambhan is there.  ( sacrificial killing ) I believe in Sri shankarAcharyas vAkya " वैदिकी हिंसा हिंसा न भवति " even in his treatise Hindu dharma kanchi mahAswamy  justified it. But local level organizations may blame and object the pashualambhan , So can a viklapa is alright.  I know one vikalpa of pashu ,here locally on navarAtrI all brahmans offer pashubalI to devi by unique mode. Using very fine wheat flour we use to make a pashuAkritI then it is fried in tila oil ( eL oil ) then it is quoted with sugar / guda syrup and beheaded as a offering . Can this viklapa be used ?

Another instance kaushika gives viklpa of agni either they may be performed in grihyagni ( we call avasAthyAgni ) or a new agni ( bramhodan agni ) is to be generated . ( kaushika narrates .....ब्रम्हौदनिक अग्निं
मथित्वा । ,at another sutra it says सवाग्नि सेनाग्नि तदार्थिकौ निर्मथ्यौ वा भवतः । औपसनौ चौभौ हि विज्ञायेते । .

The doubt is if we perform in a different bramhodan agni then should it kept lifelong with opasana agni .Because no other oblations are performed in it only savas are to be performed in it. ( Or it is extinguished as kaushika mentions of agni utsarjan )

Another instance the time period of dikshA is maximum one year and minimum 3 days. ( ......संवत्सरं ब्रम्हौदनिक अग्नि दीपयति । अहोरौत्रो वा । .......संवत्सरं तु प्रशस्तं
) . But all brahman grantha praise samvatsara dikshA ( ts , 5.2.5 , Apasramba srauta 16.9.1  etc KS 21.5 although this all describes saumiki diksha but as uplakshan we may refer to the sava dikshA also. kaushika  mentions " संवत्सरं तु प्रशस्तं " and in  another  sutra "अहोरात्रौ वा | यथा कामी वा |"

(  I was mesmerized while listening to local brahmans  on my question of sava yajna , I'm not abusing or insulting them but so much useless prejudge arguments. In case of pashuAlambhan they mentioned this portion of grihya sutra is corrupt and was composed by rAkshas .Yet the actual learnt vidwans excepted that they don't know about it . )


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