[Advaita-l] Query about a passage from taittirIya AranyakaM  

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Sun Jan 18 07:04:20 CST 2015

Namaste , 

Thank you group members for help with the subject.
I found a reference in  gopaTha brahman ( shastra brAhaman ,  literally GB 2.6.8 )

" तं सनाराशंसं शसति। प्रजा वै नरः । वाक् शंसः । प्रजासु तद् वाचं दधाति  । "
He then repeats the 'nAramshasa ", for naraH means "offspring,''and samsaH "speech." In this way he (the priest) places speech into children (when they are born.) 

As SrI Ananda jI mentions "
There are ten AprI suktas spread across the maNDalas of the Rigveda. Of
these, four are said to be in praise of narAshamsa, two are said to be in
praise of both narAshamsa and tanUnapAt, and four are said to be in praise
of tanUnapAt. "

But in case of atharva veda we have single sukta used as nArAmshasa gATha  ( 20 .127.1-14 ) and all atharvaveda affiliated brAhmans use this hymn in srauta context .


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