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Namaste friends,
I read (but unable to recollect the reference) that when Mother Sati jumped into the yajnakunda of Daksha, everybody saw her leaving her body in the form of Dhuma. If that is so, it could be that the aradhana of Mother Dhumavati  could be of help in becoming Videhamukta. 

It is said that Mother Sati's lifeless body was later on lifted from the Yajnakunda by Lord Shiva and he carried it all over and Lord Vishnu dissected it into 51 parts and the parts fell in different areas. It is believed that her right hand fell in the Sharada peeth in Kashmir.
Regards,Sunil KB

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 SrI mAtre namaH , 

Namaste SrI Ramesh jI 

You wrote " Does this Goddess dhoomavathi also have something to do with the Dhooma Marga discussed in the Avadhuta Gita? "
There is no direct relation direct relation between these two but apparently there is .
I assume you are mentioning of following verse of avdhuta gItA " 

न धुममार्गो न च दीप्तिमार्गो .....

I request you to study 36th verse for clarification.

अद्वैतम् केचिदिच्छन्ति द्वैतमिच्छन्ति चापरे | समं तत्त्वं न विन्दन्ति द्वैताद्वैत विवर्जितं ||

She is one whose upAsana  helps in achieving such state where there neither dual nor non dual exist only param bramha is there .Even first verse of avdhuta gItA  mentions 

" इश्वरानुग्रहादेव पुंसामाद्वैत वासना  " 
Here ( my personal view ) grace of lord is main reason for achieving the supreme state of advaita and interest in knowing self  . ( Advaita vAsana means interest in knowing the nondual  supreme self ).Even in a  different verse ( starting of vivekachudAmanI ) AchArya himself mentions of grace of lord for achieving advaita state  .

I'm also including a verse from a tantra which describes of goddess dhUmAvatI "  

धूमावती महामाया धूमासुरनिसुदनी
धूमरूपा महादेवी चतुर्वर्गप्रदायनी ||

Here we find beauty of Sanskrit ( I'm interpreting in vedAntic context ) 
"  धूमासुरनिसुदनी " means she who is slaughterer of agyAna  and dehAtma buddhI . " धूमरूपा " means one who is not other than the prAna . चतुर्वर्गप्रदायनी means ( in vedantic context ) who impart the sAdhana chatushtaya to sAdhAk ( another meaning may be one who grants the dharma , artha , kAma , moksha ).

Hope this helps you .


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