[Advaita-l] कश्मीरदेशस्थ ऋग्वेद खिलोक्त श्री सूक्तं ,SrI sUktaM ( kAshmIra pATha )

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Tue Jan 13 22:34:01 CST 2015

Shri Animeshji wrote:

>The presently studied SrI sUktaM have several peculiarities .The following
is an >authentic version based on Kashmir Rigveda khila .

Although the shrI sUkta is part of the Khila portion of the Rigveda of the
shAkala shAkhA, in the AshvalAyana shAkhA, it is included in the regular
saMhitA itself.
Until recently, the text of only one shAkhA, the shAkala shAkhA was
available, but now the AshvalAyana saMhitA has been published.

Also, there is a tradition among Rigvedins to recite the second Rik of the
71st sUkta of the 10th maNdala (which is the 8th ashTaka, 2nd adhyAya,
vargas 23 and 24), "saktumiva tita unA..." along with the shrI sUkta. If
time permits, the entire 10.71 sUkta may be recited. There are 11 Riks in
this sUkta, of which the Rishi is BrihaspatirAngirasaH, the devatA is
JnAna, and the meter triShTup, except for the 9th Rik which is in jagatI.

More information on the rare text AshvalAyana samhitA of the Rigveda:




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