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Tue Jan 13 10:19:35 CST 2015

Dear All,

As you might be aware our elders used to do Teerthayatra, where you go on a
Pilgrimage by Walk. We are doing a series of ride along Kaveri to begin
with .

I have myself cycled the entire stretch along Kaveri River - 700 KM. Apart
from the spiritually elevating experience we also get an exposure to the
Land and the People around the Kaveri River.

It is also a movement towards self discovery.

Let me know if any one would like to join.


*Jiddu Krishnamurthi on Rivers *

To sit on the bank of a river and let the waters flow by, to watch the
gentle ripples and hear the lapping of the ripples on the bank; to see the
wind on the water making patterns; to see the swallows touching the water,
the water catching insects; and in the distance, across the water, on the
other bank, human voices or a boy playing the flute, of a still evening,
quietens all the noise about one. Somehow, the waters seem to purify one,
cleanse the dust of yesterday’s memories and give that quality to the mind
of its own pureness, as the water in itself is pure. A river receives
everything -the sewer, the corpses, the filth of the cities it passes, and
yet it cleanses itself within a few miles. It receives everything and
remains itself, neither caring nor knowing the pure from impure. It’s only
the ponds, the little puddles that are soon contaminated, for they are not
living, flowing, as the wide, sweet-smelling flowing rivers. Our minds are
small puddles, soon made impure. It’s the little pond, called mind, that
judges, weighs, analyzes, and yet remains the little pool of
responsibility. – Krishnamurti.

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