[Advaita-l] कश्मीरदेशस्थ ऋग्वेद खिलोक्त श्री सूक्तं ,SrI sUktaM ( kAshmIra pATha )

Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Mon Jan 12 23:22:16 CST 2015

Namaste Sir ,

Thank you for your attention ,Before my post I have  studied the Manastramgini blog . [ I'm not criticizing ( please don't take it another )  but at this blog the blogger has normalized the Kashmir svara system  to present rigveda svara system . ( The  copy of rigveda khila printed from 'svAdhyaya mandal' have original marking in Kashmir way .It uses  ३,ँ etc peculiar symbol , for version on my blog this printed text+ a online electronic version of Kashmir khila are source.

I personally don't wish to normalize the svara markings . They should be preserved in original way. 
(  here in North  I have seen such normalized version of taittiriya , mAdhyanandina , kaTha , shaunaka samhitA , and realised that such normalized versions cant be help full in reciting veda. For instance in north editions of taittiriya samhitA long svarita ( || ) is printed as normal svara  ( | ) but  Maharashtra reciters usally elongate voice  at that point .Even dirgh svaritas of atharva veda is marked as normal svarits  ( If you don't know samhitA orally then at such points you may recite incorrect .)


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