[Advaita-l] कश्मीरदेशस्थ ऋग्वेद खिलोक्त श्री सूक्तं ,SrI sUktaM ( kAshmIra pATha )

Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Mon Jan 12 11:27:07 CST 2015

SrI mAtre namaH

Namaste , 

A post describing SrI sUktaM in pure vedic from. The presently studied SrI sUktaM have several peculiarities .The following is an authentic version based on Kashmir Rigveda khila .The famous form is  distorted form of original sUktaM , it have blended sloks within original sUktaM .The following version differs  from the Vulgate.



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