[Advaita-l] Places to buy Sanskrit books/puja items in Mumbai?

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 11 23:38:36 CST 2015

An important preparation for the upanayana, to be done by the father of the
Vatu, is that he must do a large number of Gayatri mantra japas before he
does the mantra upadesha to his son, during the ceremony. I myself did
about two lakh japas before my son's upanayana. If one does 1008 japas in
every sitting for SandhyA, it is not hard to cross the two lakh figure in
100 days, or at least one lakh in 50 days, assuming 2 SandhyAvandanas per
day. I heard the one lakh as the minimum number, so I guess it is fine to
exceed it.

I realize this requirement could be of modern origin, because many people
or fathers-of-vatu-to-be are not even doing the sandhyA regularly, or even
if they do it they might not be doing the standard 108 japas.


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