[Advaita-l] Sringeri Jagatguru announces His Successor

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Well Said Jaldhar Bhai,

As I have said earlier, use technology to our benefit, but never be a slave
of it. Whenever I feel an 'urge' to sit on pc or to watch TV, I try to
substitute it with chanting mantra OM. By God's grace, if I hold on to
mantra, in few seconds the force of 'urge' decreases. Then it is left to me
whether to watch TV and keep fueling the 'urge' or do something else
connected with spirituality

And by doing so he gives me a model to live my life. Maybe I might never
> reach that standard but he challenges me to try.  And if I try than my
> future generations will see that it is worth trying.

Though I agree with you that Sringeri Acharya is our role model, we as
housholders must do something that me not be ethically permissible for a
sanyasin. The crux is to have a balance between ethics and practical
solutions. the way I have found out as a businessmen is that it is the
'initiative' taken by us that creates problems. e.g. if I wish to expand my
business, then I may bribe purchase officers, on the other way round if a
Govt officer is asking for a bribe, then it is not my initiative to give
bribe, but someone is asking for a bribe and it is difficult to get rid of
him. So giving what he asks, after negotiations, will be like 'throwing
bone to a dog'. What matters is our initiative and not what we are told by
our seniors or compelled to do. Ofcourse one may raise his/her head and
object the process, so it is left to an individual. For me, living
spiritual life is important, so I have to let go if someone takes away my
hard works credit, but if anyone tries to stop me from meditating or
reading shastras, then I will not compromise, not even a bit.

Those who are practising japa daily will know that it our attachment that
breaks our japa and we get involved in day-2-day issues. So the culprit is
our own dis-satisfied desires.

Sorry for being off topic. Coming back,

There is a saying,

'First you make Habits and then Habits make you' :)



On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 5:12 AM, Jaldhar H. Vyas via Advaita-l <
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> On Tue, 6 Jan 2015, Sujal Upadhyay via Advaita-l wrote:
>  I do not understand that instead of getting happy on hearing this news,
>> some are always questioning.
> This is the modern Indian culture D.V.N Sharma wants to us to adopt.  Only
> one in a hundred actually does anything and as soon as he does the othe 99
> line up to lecture him about how hes doing it wrong.  For those who want
> India and Indian culture to flourish it is worth contemplating how we got
> to this state but Advaita-l is not the right place for it.
> On Wed, 7 Jan 2015, Sujal Upadhyay via Advaita-l wrote:
>  We have become slaves of technology. My nephew will play games on mobile
>> instead of enjoying the company of family members when we are out for a
>> dinner in a nearby hotel. His parent and grandparent (got to mention them
>> too ;) ) will not object his behavior. Even when someone visits our house,
>> youngsters and even some (modern) elders will have a look at their mobile
>> every 10 minutes.
> What you describe is uncomfortably close to my life situation :-)  I
> myself am often lectured for checking email on my cellphone while driving
> for instance.  You are right that it is an addiction and something a
> sadhaka must overcome like any other addiction.  I think younger
> generations do in some ways have a more balanced view of technology
> though.  As I write this, I have my daughters ipod in my desk drawer. She
> said "I have a big project for school this weekend and this will only
> distract me so take it and don't give it back to me until Sunday."  (She is
> also the one who will scold me for unsafe driving habits. :-)
> And we must acknowledge as D.V.N Sharma was perhaps trying to say albeit
> in an unsuccessful way that technology can be useful in propagating
> samskriti too.  My son is a big watcher of youtube videos.  Mostly of the
> quality that leaves his parents shaking their heads at how someone could
> waste so many hours watching but he also recently discovered that all the
> episodes of B.R. Chopras' Mahabharat TV series from the 80s are available
> so he started watching that.  Then we began watching with him as a family.
> He has to write an essay about a book at school so now he is reading C.
> Rajagopalacharis English translation of the Mahabharat.  When he has
> questions about a particular character or story I help him research it in
> the Gujarati and Sanskrit Mahabharat editions we have.  But all the videos
> and books in the world would not have helped if my boy didn't have an
> underlying reverence for dharma which I am proud to say he does despite
> being a 3rd-generation Gujarati-American.  My wife and I tried to
> inculculate these values in our children not by the kind of "Our glorious
> heritage" lectures I was subjected to as a child but by demonstrating those
> values in our own lives
> And to bring things back to the beginning this is the value to me of
> knowing about saints like Shringeri acharya.  His "job" is only to live an
> exemplary Vedic life. And by doing so he gives me a model to live my life.
> Maybe I might never reach that standard but he challenges me to try.  And
> if I try than my future generations will see that it is worth trying.
> --
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