[Advaita-l] Sringeri Jagatguru announces His Successor

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I think all of us have strong points which are absolutely valid when viewed from their respective sides. But discussing it here is a sheer waste of time. None of the members who are for, against and indifferent to the issue are going to alter the outcome of that event by simply discussing it here in this forum until the same is passed on the Peetadhipathi. To do so one will have to take the whole story to the Sringeri peetha.
Let's get going with our advaita vedanta vichara. After all, liberation is all about gaining 'jnanam' not about knowing / fixing who is going to head which peetha and why etc.Regards

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 Dear Sri Venkatesh Murthy,
Obviously, you don't get it at all. Division of people into linguistic and regional
backgrounds is already there in society. It is because of this actual vyavahAra
that you are even raising the question of why a Mulakanadu boy, why not an
Iyer boy or a Nambudiri or a Bobburu Kamme boy, etc. These distinctions are
meaningless for saMnyAsins. They carry meaning only for people who are deeply
involved in external vyavahAra. It is because of this vyavahAra that people think
of Kannada vs. Tamil, Marathi vs. Kannada, Tamil vs. Telugu, Seemandhra vs.
Telangana etc.

Such divisions are not created by the Sankaracharyas of any of our Mathas. I
suggest you make a trip to Sringeri on any random day and see how many 
people come there, from all across the country. Better still, I suggest you visit
during the annual Vakyartha Sadas, to see how traditionally trained scholars 
from all over the country participate and are honored. Even better, do take the
time to find out the linguistic and regional backgrounds of various adhyApakas
who have taught and teach in the pAThaSAlA there. These are not things that
any of the traditional Mathas advertise, but if you stopped worrying about the
superficials and actually tried to find out the details of how things actually work
in these Peethams, you will find a very different world from what you project.
Best regards,
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> Namaste
> I had already clarified Adi Sankara was a great Integrator. Like him every
> Swamiji of Sankara Maths must be a Integrator but not Divider. Even if many
> people dont express their mind felt feeling the Guru must understand that
> and remove feeling of Division. He must act in such a way to avoid division
> of people into linguistic and regional backgrounds. Because Adi Sankara
> acted like that.
> We can tell youngsters to follow our tradition. To bring up youngsters
> properly Parents, Swamijis and other surroundings are all required. You
> cannot say responsibility is only with Parents. Swamijis must also do the
> duty to guide youngsters. Otherwise in next 50-60 years you will not see
> anybody following our Vedic customs.
> We tell youngsters to do Sandhya Vandana daily. If they say I can do it
> once in while but not daily we ask do you not eat food every day? Similarly
> you have to do Sandhya daily. Similarly the Swamijis must also guide the
> people constantly. It is not sufficient if they come and give speeches once
> in a while or appear on TV once in a while. It must be regular and ongoing.
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