[Advaita-l] Sringeri Jagatguru announces His Successor

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"rituals of pITArOhaNa would start from 22nd Jan'15 which is followed by mahAvAkya anugraha on 23d Jan'15."
Would someone clarify, what kind of prior education or training is expected for such selections, here at Singeri or elsewhere, not as a rule but as a general guideline. From the other posts I learn that, for Srinegi acayra / peetha adhikara, Yajurveda Adhyayana is the minimum expected. My further question is, is prior education in other Darshanas supposed to have been completed; or is the new initiate expected to start such studies after the initiation. 
Related questions are:
1. If, for example, Vedanta studies have been accomplished, how mahAvAkya anugraha will be significant.2. If Vedanta studies have not been completed, how mahAvAkya anugraha will make 'complete' sense. Is it traditionally accepted that after mahAvAkya anugraha, the sanyasi will start studies, meaning indirectly that mahAvAkya anugraha does not do the job?
Further, in general what mental felicitation the new acarya select is supposed, or we can assume, to have accomplished in the earlier ashrama, and how can we, compare such overall mental felicity in children with other secular education, if not in Veda or Tarka etc. This is primarily to compare and contrast what one can accomplish in life, not necessarily to become a pithaadhipati, but to start as an ordinary individual at a similar age, but achieve atma jnana, starting at the age of say 21, but undergoing studies with similar commitment as the acarya towards dharma. 
Om !
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One of the joyous moments for us.

Shri Bharati Tirtha Swamiji has announced His uttarAdhikAri in sringeri.  All the rituals of pITArOhaNa would start from 22nd Jan'15 which is followed by mahAvAkya anugraha on 23d Jan'15.

One of the brilliant brahmachArIs of sringeri veda pATashAla shri Kuppa Venkateshwara Prasad has been selected as the uttarAdhikAri who is the son of a great vedic & tarka scholar shrI kuppa siva subramanya avadhani garu, who served as veda pATashAla principal in Keesaragutta, near Hyderabad, and is the veda principal of TTD currently.

Let us all pray our due respects to the jagatguru-dwayam of sringeri now.

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