[Advaita-l] Sringeri Jagatguru announces His Successor

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In Sankara Dig Vijaya also and in the Sankaracarya movie also the other
disciples of Adi Sankara felt Sureshwaracharya was not right person to
write on Sutra Bhashya. They wanted Padmapada to write it. Sureshwaracharya
had to come in his next Janma as  Vachaspati Mishra Avatara to write on
Sutra Bhashya. If even disciples of Adi Sankara can have feeling of Paksha
Pata we Naradhamas can have it also. I am not against any person chosen by
Swamiji. He will be very great Swamiji for Sringeri Peetha. It is not my
intention to hurt feelings of others. I am sorry if someone got hurt.

But I can say there are many bright scholar boys in Iyers, Namboodiris or
Kannada or Tulu or Konkani speaking Brahmins also. They can be given a
chance also. Do they have to take  next birth in AP to get a chance? What
is wrong to ask this?

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> >>>You can say reservation system is already there because only Telugu
> speaking people are becoming Swamijis for last 100s of years. If other
> people are also made Swamijis there will not be any reservation policy.
> see what has been reported under www.sringeri.net
>  The Jagadguru Mahaswamiji made the announcement, divinely inspired by
> Goddess Sharadamba in His Anugraha
> Bhashanam given during the culmination of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations
> of His Peetharohanam. The
> Jagadguru has chosen Brahmachari Kuppa Venkateshwara Prasada Sharma to be
> His Uttaradhikari -
> Murty garu.......... sishya sweekara has got some sanctity. Is it not?
> that is what is reflected in the
> above official statement of dakshinamnaya sharada pIta.
> And why can not we leave it at that?
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